EOT Ladle Crane Manufacturers & Suppliers



Our ladle handling EOT cranes are used to transport ladles filled with molten material to the continuous casting machine from the Furnaces. Our Ladle Cranes could also be used for teeming and casting processes. Our Ladle Cranes are designed as per Class IV (extra Heavy Duty) of IS 4137 (Indian Standards).

We design Ladle Cranes with a creep speed gear box with 4 motor arrangements for hoisting enabling one of the motor to run at 50% speed in case of failure of the other motor.

Also, there are spare drives included in the system incase of failure the crane can immediately switch to another drive making sure our client suffers no loss due to the breakdown in the crane.

Special Features of HERCULES Ladle Cranes

1. We provide our cranes with an Electrical room that is air conditioned for it to perform to its optimum capacity in the harshest environments.

2. Our cranes are designed in such a way that it is made sure that there is no free fall or over-speeding of the load in case of a mechanical failure on any part of the driving system in-between motor & rope drum which makes the crane a safer equipment to work with and operator friendly as well.

3. We provide our cranes with laminated plate hooks making sure the high temperatures do not become an obstacle for the performance of our crane.

4. The cranes are operated from cabins with toughened glass for protection against hot, splashing material. The cabin is well insulated, air-conditioned, soundproofed and protected against vibration for the operator's safety and making sure that he gives his optimum output.

5. Control locations, critical electrical devices and cables have heat shielding to protect them from radiated heat.

6. Our cranes also come with radio remotes mandatory to make sure the client can access humongous loads